Myros - Flora

Cithilian Bush:

This is a thick shrub with broad, spade-shaped leaves and bright blue flowers. During autumn, the bush produces small, white berries that are crushed for perfumes. The bush is rare and difficult to transplant; a handful of merchant houses cultivate the plant to manufacture the fragrances, but they are very secretive about their methods.


A vinelike growth that floats on stagnant or near-stagnant water, slitherweed plants are capable of constricting small animals and dragging them to submerged digestive pods about the size of watermelons. Normal-sized slitherweed colonies cannot harm humanoids, although the plant’s reactive grasping will delay movement and is considered difficult terrain for game purposes.


A sprawling brushgrowth, spikeleaf is abundant in lightly-forested areas. It can be recognized by its sharp, saw-toothed fronds growing from thick, bristled stalks that coil around each other and around the trunks of trees. Primitive humanoid tribes weave coarse fabrics from the stalk fibers. A patch of spikeleaf is considered difficult terrain for game purposes, and moving through a square of the stuff inflicts 1d4 damage to heroes with armor classes below 16.


A thick, climbing moss that grows in proximity to the magical Ctharic currents running through Eogoth’s soil, starmoss subsists on the energies of these currents. The moss retains its purplish-green color regardless of season or environment, even when underground. The plant takes its name from its yellow, star-shaped flowers, which yield amber-colored, faintly luminescent, rock-like seeds that are sought after for many rituals.

Myros - Flora

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