Myros - Cultures (Varos)

Varos, the remnant of the Nuric city-state of Varix, is the most cosmopolitan of the cities of Myros. The region’s comparable diversity and tolerance can be attributed to several factors:

*Some Nuric fortifications at key areas remain intact and still in active service, creating a slightly more secure border than other areas;

*A warm-water current brings ocean-based commerce to the city’s shores;

*The settlements surrounding the city rest on very fertile soil, and more advanced agricultural techniques have been brought to the area by immigrants;

*The warm current helps sustain a warmer climate than one would expect for a city so far from the euqator. The current contributes to extending the warmer months to accommodate two full growing seasons, and it keeps the winters mild. The warmer climate extends the season for sea travel (and the exchange of ideas from neighboring continents), and the increased productivity provides a surplus of items for trade;

*The city serves as a major seaport for trade with neighboring Pteros, Threnos and Nithyaril, for sought-after items from Myros: Clurgan textiles, pig iron and tin (and, in rare cases, Clurgish weapons); ivory and oil from Ebomok lands; leather goods and ales from Atherton; wooden items from the Tanglewoode; wines, onions, citrus fruits and marble from Varos; and silks, spices, and gemstones from Xalix; and

*Varos is the port of choice for the Aequan sea-people, humans who dwell on giant raft-cities in the ocean and periodically send vessels ashore to trade their coral, pearls, art and jewelry.

Myros - Cultures (Varos)

Varos Agravane