The human Empire of Nur collapsed nearly two centuries ago. Some sages hold that the empire fell due to the powerlust of its tiefling emperors; Nuric generals suggest it fell because its army was overextended; aged veterans will tell how no power on the World of Eogoth could have withstood the onslaught of the Carrion Lords; adherents to the Old Way will say that the empire crumbled because the old gods have abandoned the continent.

All of them are correct, but it doesn’t matter in these times.

What matters is how the pitiful fragments of Nur – exhausted from wars with the dragonborn of nearby Pteros and, later, from wars of survival fought against the Carrion Lords’ first coming – will stand in the face of a second darkness rising in the south, a darkness that has already made trade by land nearly impossible and threatens to extinguish the feeble lights of civilization across the Continent of Myros.

The Carrion Lords have returned, and this time there is no empire to oppose them.


Central myros